Car Shipping To Africa / South Africa

car shipping to africa

Car shipping to Africa and exporting from South Africa.

YFT offer reliable vehicle shipping services to Africa from the UK at very competitive rates. We ship Cars, 4X4’s, Vans, Mini buses, Trucks, Tractors, Machinery, Buses, Trailers, Coaches, Caravan, Motorhomes to North Africa, South Africa, East Africa, West Africa. using the RORO and container methods. To get a free quote for your car shipping to Africa either email us or complete our online quote form.

Car Shipping To mainland Tanzania

For car and vehicle imports and exports to mainland Tanzania we can supply both container shipping and Roll-on/Roll-off vehicle shipping services to the port of Dar es Salaam.

This huge port, and the counties largest, handles the bulk of all cargo for Tanzania in addition to handling shipments for its landlocked neighbours of Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and many more. So for our vehicle shipping services to those countries we use the Port of Dar Es Salaam to trans-ship through.

Car Shipments to Zanzibar

All shipments to the island of Zanzibar will go to the port of Zanzibar.

Vehicle Shipping to Pemba Island

Shipments to pemba Island will go through to either the Port of Wete, Port of Mkoani or Port of Chake.

Our warehouse operate container loading facilities at all UK ports and can arrange for your car to be collected, delivered to the port of departure and shipped by RoRo or Container to all main ports in Africa.

Car Shipping To South Africa.

Our fast weekly sailings operate directly from the UK and serve all main South African ports like  Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London. Through our trusted agent in South Africa we help with clearing your car through customs. They also can arrange for your car to be delivered to destinations including Johannesburg or Pretoria.

Car Shipping from South Africa.

YFT Logistics works closely with a freight forwarder in South Africa for exporting cars. When buying a car we can offer you security in you purchase. Ourselves will sort all of the export license for the car.

When buying in South Africa we can offer Escrow:

YFT offer an escrow service in which will protect the buyer and seller throughout the transaction. This service offers peace of mind so our clients can avoid scams and also sending money to a buyer/seller that does not actually exist.

How it works:

How this service works is our client(s) will send the funds for the purchase of the vehicle directly to us. Ourselves will then arrange the international wire to our South African agent’s office. As soon as the funds have been received we will notify the selling party funds have been received in full. It is very important that the seller of the item being purchased has agreed to the escrow service terms as we will need their full banking details in order to proceed. After receiving the seller’s full bank details we will send a driver to the location of the vehicle. When the driver arrives he will confirm the vehicle is actually present, there is an original title and the title matches the VIN number on the actual chassis.

What we check on collection:

Note: the driver cannot and will not being doing a full inspection on the vehicle meaning mechanical and such of that nature. As usual they will do a full condition report and provide photos upon pickup. When the driver has confirm everything is legitimate he will then contact our office to approve payment being sent. At this time our accounting department will transfer the funds directly to the sellers account. The driver will then stay at pickup location until funds confirm received and cleared by the seller. At no point will the driver leave the pickup location nor load the vehicle until the escrow service is complete. Wire transfer typically only takes up to 15 minutes, worst case scenario 45 minutes. After transfer is complete driver will take possession of the vehicle and registration docs.

Documentation we need

 V5 (Licence Document) for your vehicle – we do not need the original.

 Copy of your Passport Photo page.

 We offer a collection service if required.

RORO Car Shipping to Africa / South Africa:

Roll on Roll off (RORO) method of shipping offers a cost effective way of shipping  cars(saloon and 4×4’s), vans, minibuses, buses, trucks, tractors, agricultural machinery and plant as units are only charged for the space they take on the Vessel. We ship new and used vehicles and self propelled machinery to Africa from the UK. YFT offer both door to port and port to port service from the UK to Africa. Vehicles can either be driven to the port or transported on our door to port service. Personally have access to all the vessels departing from the UK to Africa on a weekly to monthly basis depending on final destination.

Container Car Shipping to Africa / South Africa:

Container shipping method offers a secure and safer way of shipping vehicles/cargo to Africa. Our warehouse load and secure vehicles/cargo in 20ft and 40ft containers before being shipped to Africa. We offer both door to port and port to port container shipping service to Africa. Ourselves also offer container loading and lashing service at our Southampton warehouse, alternatively the containers can be delivered to your address for loading. YFT ship containers to Africa on a weekly basis from the UK.

Combine your container.

Ourselves can combine your household items along with your car inside your own container to Africa. Great care must be taken in securing your vehicle into the container. Cars must be secured to the flooring rings of the container by ratchet straps and the wheels must be locked into position by wooden chocks. When shipping a car with your household and personal effects a wooden bulkhead will be built across the shipping container to separate the car and effects.

Customs Duty information for Car Shipping to South Africa

Duties are of the UK value payable to the clearing agent in South Africa.
You can apply for duty free if you have dual citizenship (UK/EU and SA passport) and that you have owned your vehicle for longer than 12 months. Having dual citizenship does not mean you automatically qualify for duty free importation to South Africa, it means you can apply for it. You will need to prove to customs that you are returning to South Africa. permanently i.e. closure of bank accounts, sale of a house, resignation letters or Inland Rev confirmation. You need to apply in person at a customs office with all the permits and documents at least 10 days before your car arrives in South Africa. Indefinite leave to remain does not qualify you for duty free importation to South Africa. You still must hold a passport for an EU/UK country.

Destination port and shipping line charges

Following arrival in South Africa there will be charges to pay to the shipping line and receiving agents in respect of unloading your vehicle form the ship and handling at the port. There are also standard charges in relation to our agents assisting clearing your vehicle through customs in South Africa.

SARS Motor Vehicle Declaration Form DA304A


NRCS Application for Letter of Authority Form LA01


South Africa Application for Import of Second Hand Passenger Vehicle Form E462

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To get a free quote for your car shipping to Africa either email us or complete our online quote form. Our team look forward to hearing from you. YFT have access to all the vessels departing from the UK to Africa on a weekly to monthly basis depending on final destination. YFT take great pride in car shipping to Africa.

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