Exporting and importing personal effects household goods



Household Moving Tips

You will need to complete an accurate Inventory of all goods you are shipping, which if you have lots of small items can appear to be a tedious exercise, however, it is required by UK Customs, destination Customs and by your Cargo Insurers.

Simplest way of completing your inventory is to number each package from one upwards, then list what you put into the package as you go along and once full, seal the package, address it with your overseas address, measure it in cm in L.W.H. order, estimate the weight and add these to your inventory list.

Once finished your last package, send this completed inventory to your Freight Forwarder and they will work out the correct volume, estimated weight you have supplied and should be able to give you a fairly accurate current Ocean Freight Shipping Quote to the destination you wish to ship to.

Logically, if you do not make an accurate inventory, then the Ocean Freight Shipping Quote will not be correct, your cargo insurance maybe void and you may encounter fines/customs penalties, in your destination country, should customs examine your packages and find items not declared in your inventory.

Shipping Costs

The shipping costs we quote you are normally from your UK Kerbside to your destination port of arrival or customs warehouse un-cleared and will include:-

  • UK Transport/collection from your Kerbside of your packed goods (not labour to carry from your house to the collection truck).
  • Export Bills of Lading and UK Export Customs
  • UK Terminal Handling and UK Port Security
  • Air or Sea freight shipping prices up to arrival your destination port or airport

Unless you have requested us to quote, the rates will not include:-personal effects with Porsche and Volkswagen Passat

  • Any Timber Packing Cases, Cartons or packing materials. Any special Tail-lift collection transport or Labour to carry from your house.
  • Cargo Insurance for your Household goods – Check notes on Insurance cover.
  • Any destination Handling, Delivery, local documents, Port Security, Customs Clearance costs, duty, taxes on new goods, or any requested Customs Examination costs
  • Any destination Ministry of agriculture costs for fumigation or treating any timber packaging you use, which has not been properly pre-treated and stamped
  • Any destination Storage or detention costs incurred awaiting your completion of your import Customs Clearance.

Packing Household Goods ready Shipping

It’s very important that if you are D.I.Y. packing your goods, that you fully wrap to protect items and use good quality packaging, to protect goods from the multiple handling they will endure, throughout the voyage from UK to destination. Important to remember, if your goods are damaged due to insufficient or poor packing, then you’re Insurers and the Freight Shipping Carriers may refuse to settle any claims.

If you use any Timber Packing Cases or wooden pallets, you must ensure that your suppliers of timber packaging used, only use timbers suitable for importing into the country you are shipping to. Timber packing cases and pallets must have the correct ISPM 15 Timber or Heat Treated Timber stamps. Failure to have the correct treatment stamps on any timber packing, can result in your cargo being refused entry into your destination country, possibly destroyed or even returned to UK .With all and any resulting costs for your account. Your UK Freight Forwarder can help with recommending correct packaging to use, or we can bring back to their warehouse to improve packing by palletising or crating, as required.


importing personal effects – household goods


Clearing Your Unaccompanied Personal Effects and Household Goods

1. What are personal effects and household goods?

These include furniture, carpets and rugs, crockery, cutlery and kitchen appliances, food, shoes and clothing, books, garden tools, lawn mowers, bicycles, vacuum cleaners, dried flower arrangements, Christmas decorations (including pine cones), souvenirs and a range of other personal or household items or car. These items might be transported to UK by a returning resident or a new resident of UK as unaccompanied sea or air freight.