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Caravan Exporting

Caravan Shipping from UK to New Zealand, Australia and Far East Asia

YFT Logistics are specialists in shipping caravans and motorhomes overseas by roll on/roll off or by 40ft high cube containers. We offer unbeatable rates from Southampton's port to New Zealand, Australia and far east Asia.

Our specialised caravan shipping services provide damage-free, on time delivery of personal and commercial shipments. In the event of damages out of our control we offer marine insurance to cover any damage or loss in transit.

Caravan shipping by container

Depending on the sizes of your caravans you may be able to ship two caravans in one container. On some caravans you can remove the A frame if it is not welded to the body to create more room to fit the second caravan.

YFT Logistics can also put you in touch with freight forwarders in New Zealand, Australia and far east Asia. You may find this helpful if you dont have a forwarder already

Motorhome shipping

We can offer motorhome shipping by container depending on the height of the vehicle. If the motor home does not fit in a container we can offer a competitive roll on roll of rate.

Transporting a motorhome by RORO is very secure, the vehicle is loaded on to purpose built vessels on either the lower or upper decks away from the elements such as rain, wind and the sprays from the ocean. Motorhomes and caravans are secured using straps and wheel blocks that are secured to the deck of the vessel. All vehicles are checked and re-checked throughout its voyage to ensure nothing has come loose whilst in transit.

RV Shipping specialist

We have a great range of knowledge on how to import RVs from USA to the UK  you will need to go through the below check list. We can collect the RV and deliver to the port.

How to prepare your RV for transport:

  • Remove all of your cargo- You should remove all items from the RV, most of the time contents aren't covered and loose cargo can cause damage to the interior of your vehicle.
  • Make Sure Everything is secure- This includes; cabinets, doors, windows, latches are all secured, taped, or tied down to prevent damage.
  • Remove all hazardous or flammable material- (propane tanks, gas tanks, oil tanks, ammunition, or any other potentially dangerous items)
  • Turn off any electronics
  • Disconnect the propane Empty and Purge the tank which is joined to the RV
  • Turn off the power supply to your RV
  • Check the pertinent parts to your RV- (breaks, spare tires, steering, etc because if something malfunctions the RV transporter's insurance will not cover it and you may be charged extra if they have to stop and work on your RV during the shipping.
  • Please insure the Fuel tank has no more then a quarter of a tank

RV shipping from USA to UK

Our company is :

To get a free quote for your caravan shipping quote either email us or complete our online quote form. Our team look forward to hearing from you. YFT have access to all the vessels departing from the UK on a weekly to monthly basis depending on final destination. YFT take great pride in caravan shipping to all destinations.

Member of the BIFA (British International Freight Association) and trade under their terms and conditions.

Also Members of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations).

Join us on Facebook, and we will strive to help you with your business needs.

Your Freight Transporter.

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Many thanks for all your assistance in transporting! Really appreciated your help and will have no reservation in recommending you to friends in the future….as well as probably utilising your services again also!!


YFT guided me through every step. I went over and brought vehicle and drove it to the port and found out the port was shut and my flight was the next day! At a drop of a hat they organised alternate solution.