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Yacht shipping

We are international shipping experts in Southampton who specialize in yacht / boat importing and exporting and have excellent rates for your yacht shipping needs.Our approach to yacht shipping and logistics takes a broad view of your supply chain, including everything from the supply base to final destination, operating a parts distribution center, or getting parts and accessories to a retail dealership, YFT Logistics goes the extra mile. We deliver significant operational efficiencies, resulting in better control of your transportation.

The different ways of transport loading a boat, yacht or super yacht

The size, dimensions and mobility of your vessel will directly impact which option you choose when transporting your yacht. Below is some different ways that the yachts they can be loaded onto the transporting vessel, explaining which mode may suit your yacht or boat.

Yacht shipping by roll on/roll off transport

The most common and recommended way to transport boats; here the boat is actually towed on a trailer or cradle into the transport vessel and parked on the deck. This option is only available if the yacht can fit through the vessel doors.

Advantages of roll on/roll off

  • Eliminates any potential damage while the vessel is at sea because the boat is always secured for the entire voyage
  • Easy to tow the boat straight off the ship and to its final destination once it has arrived at the destination port
  • Less handling because the boat is driven on and off, not lifted

Yacht shipping by lift on/lift off transport

This service is more suitable for larger boats that can’t be moved via a road to the port. This process involves the boat being parked alongside the vessel, with lifting slings lowered from the transport vessel into the water. Divers are then used to secure the boat to the slings by using marked lifting points, and the boat is lifted safely from the water to the transport vessel, where a cradle will be waiting for the boat to be lifted on to. The boat is firmly secured to the cradle and floor with straps and chains.

If you require transportation to the loading port we can offer the services of a yacht master if required.

Yacht shipping by flat rack

This is the most suitable method for larger boats that can be moved by road to the port for loading, and is an attractive solution when roll on/roll off is unavailable. The boat is lifted using a forklift or crane onto the cradle on the flat rack, and is then secured, blocked and braced to the cradle and flat rack on the transport vessel. In this case, recommends shrink wrapping the boat to protect it against damage and debris.

Yacht shipping by transport by containers

This is the most economical way to ship your boat, should it fit inside of a standard container. Most liner vessels in the world today are full container vessels, so if your boat fits into a 40 high cube container (39’5” long x 7’8” wide x 7’8” high), this is probably your best mode of transport.

Yacht shipping by float on/float off transport

Float on/float off transport is often the best option for large super and mega yachts. This process involves preparing the deck, which includes the installation of keel block cradles and supports to the deck of the yacht carrier. The vessel is then submerged into a ‘floating marina’ that allows for easy loading of the yachts – motor yachts can sail into the carrier to their designated space.

When all yachts are moored in their reserved position, the yacht carrier starts her dock operation, securing the yachts and draining the water. Once the deck is dry, the yachts are secured to the deck and are ready for a safe crossing. During yacht transportation, the yachts are safely stowed between the yacht carriers’ spray-covers, protecting them from the elements.


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